Mahmadur Khan – I have been living in the ward for almost six years and I believe that the ward has not been given enough attention over these years. I am sure with little hard work, lots can be achieved.

The people who live here come from very diverse backgrounds – about 20 per cent are from Black and Minority Ethnic groups.

While people love Eastville Park with its many festivals – Asian, Muslim and Sikh – the park itself is a bit neglected and needs some investment – I’ll be pressing to get the improvements local people want.

The cyclepath and the new Showcase bus route under construction are valued by many.

A large number of students live locally and are appalled at government cuts to Education Maintenace Allowances which helped families on low pay send their children to sixth forms and colleges to get better qualifications. The dramatic increase in University tuition fees are a real barrier to helping young people succeed – what is this government doing to our young people? Other issues that concern people are the prostitution in Fishponds Road, the lack of community centres in the area and jobs…

The general feeling is that Eastville has been neglected by its Lib Dem councillors and it’s time for a change.