Bristol South

The Constituency was the only one which returned a Labour MP in the dark days of a Thatcher government. Bristol South is home to much of Bristol’s long standing working class community and a vibrant night life along North Street. It is also home to Bristol City FC. Sadly Bristol South suffers from limited public transport links. A situation exacerbated by Lib Dems targeting the area for cuts to bus subsidies. The local MP and Councillors have been fighting to protect provision.

Dawn Primarolo

The sitting MP is Dawn Primarolo who also sits as deputy leader of the house Bristol South has returned a Labour Member of Parliament since 1935. Dawn Primarolo was first elected in 1987 and is only the third MP for the constituency since the Second World War. Since the 2010 election she has served as one of three Deputy Speakers of the House of Commons. The communities of Bristol South benefitted massively from the last Labour Government’s investment in public services. All of the local secondary schools have been rebuilt, the South Bristol Hospital is nearing completion and parts of the estates transformed. Sadly the decisions of the new Coalition Government and the Lib Dem Council are jeopardising local improvements. The local MP and local Labour councillors are leading the fight against the most damaging of the cuts.