Bristol’s Budget Consultation

Bristol’s Budget Consultation – Joint statement 

on behalf of the Bristol Labour, Lib Dem, Conservative and Green parties 

The four main political groups in Bristol would collectively like to raise their concerns with the Mayor’s proposal, as part of Bristol’s Budget Consultation, for £100,000 for a feasibility study for

further development of Colston Hall.

Labour Leader, Cllr Helen Holland, says: 

“A full Options Appraisal, Economic Impact Assessment and Feasibility Study have already been commissioned and carried out for the redevelopment of the Hall, funded by Bristol City Council. Furthermore, a dilapidation survey was carried out by the council two years ago which identified an essential minimum spend of £12 million needed just to make the building compliant, safe and usable for the next two decades. The Hall does not need another feasibility study – what it needs is a commitment to support the transformation programme. There is a real affection for Colston Hall amongst Bristolians, and not only will a redeveloped venue generate increased revenue, it will also attract a wider cross-section of people, with much more opportunity to watch and participate in cultural events.”

Lib Dem Leader, Cllr Gary Hopkins, says:

“All political parties are in absolute agreement that the future of Colston Hall needs to be secured, and that means vital funding to carry out restorative works. As the building owners, Bristol City Council need to play a part in securing this future, but we are extremely alarmed that this offer of money for a feasibility study is just a delaying tactic, allowing the Mayor to avoid committing any real funding for a number of years. A clear and specific committal from the Mayor will lever in so much extra funding for Bristol.”

Conservative Leader, Cllr Mark Weston, says:

“Colston Hall has developed an ambitious £45 million transformation programme that will ensure the vital restorative work is carried out to secure its future and also position the Hall as a National Centre for Entertainment and Music Education. The city council needs to show its support for this work and agree that the £100,000 identified in the Mayor’s proposals is used towards a more useful aspect of the programme and not for an unnecessary feasibility study.”

Green Party Leader, Cllr Daniella Radice, says:

“I am pleased that Colston Hall has been mentioned in the budget consultation, but I understand that a feasibility study has already been completed. The Hall has suggested that the money is spent to reduce its future running costs and make it more sustainable, which I support. Colston Hall would like to install solar PV, LED lighting, improve insulation and double glazing. All political leaders in the city need to continue to work together to help Colston Hall get the funding it needs for its future transformation.”