The Living Wage and Bristol City Council

Statement to Cabinet  –  7th April 2015

We the under-signed wish to express our disappointment at the lack of commitment expressed in the paper on Living Wage accreditation which is before Cabinet.

Bristol City Council is in a unique position to shape local employment opportunities, but to do so requires leadership.

If Bristol City Council is genuinely committed to creating a more equitable labour market in this City, it should, as a bare minimum, commit to the incorporation of the Living Wage as a criteria for all future contracts awarded by the Authority.

Cllr Mike Wollacott                          Cllr Helen Holland

Cllr Ron Stone                                 Cllr Brenda Massey

Cllr Jenny Smith                              Cllr Estella Tincknell

Cllr Marg Hickman                          Cllr Afzal Shah

Cllr Mahmadur Khan                      Cllr Chris Jackson

Cllr Colin Smith                               Cllr Bill Payne

Cllr Mark Bradshaw                        Cllr Mark Brain

Cllr Barry Clark                                Cllr Naomi Rylatt

Cllr Olly Mead                                  Cllr Mike Langley

Cllr Gill Kirk                                      Cllr Sean Beynon

Cllr Fabian Breckels                       Cllr Sam Mongon

Cllr Steve Pearce                            Cllr Hibaq Jama

Cllr Sue Milestone                          Cllr Rhian Greaves

Cllr Noreen Daniels                       Cllr Jeff Lovell

Cllr Phil Hanby                                Cllr Mhairi Threlfall

Cllr Faruk Choudhury