Cuts to Bristol Libraries – Labour Reaction

“Most people feared that the Mayor’s consultation was a smokescreen for library cuts and closures and that’s the way it looks today. The proposed library closures across Bristol must be seen in the context of the huge cuts in funding suffered by Bristol City Council, through the ideologically driven austerity policies of the current Lib Dem / Tory government. It is ironic that Tory and Lib Dem Councillors here are now shouting to save their local libraries.

Labour’s Priorities are Not the Mayor’s Priorities (post Budget)

Bristol Labour councillors made big gains in the council budget this year winning support for extra spending on:

·         Libraries - £1.2m

·         Hartcliffe Way Recycling centre - £2m

·         Keeping the Diamond Card free bus pass for older people in Community Transport areas.

·         Increases to Council apprentices’ pay up from £2.80 to the Living Wage by stages.

·         Extra funding for Welfare Rights and Money Advice Service - £150,000

Labour's priorities are not the Mayor's priorities

Labour in Bristol have ripped up the Mayor’s proposals for spending extra cash, believing that totally different priorities are needed for some of the city’s most vulnerable, for reshaping libraries and to ensure that the Green Capital Year leaves a lasting legacy.

Keep Fast Food Takeaways Away from Schools – say Labour

Labour councillors are to ask that the Mayor intervene to stop a new fast food burger store being built on Fishponds Road.

Save Our Park Keepers – say Labour

Labour are backing park keepers as the Mayor looks to save £500,000 on maintaining our parks, green spaces and grass verges.

Bristol Housing Crisis – radical new approach needed


Bristol Housing Crisis – radical new approach needed - says Labour


Labour in Bristol say there needs to be a much more radical approach to the housing crisis the city faces.

Last year just 100 affordable homes were completed in the city even though there are 14,000 families on the housing waiting list.

No "legal barriers" to Living Wage say Labour

No “legal barriers” in the way of Bristol City Council becoming a Living Wage Accredited Employer – say Labour 
Bristol’s Mayor is to be challenged on his suggestion that there are legal barriers to getting full accreditation for the Council as a Living Wage Employer.

Green Capital – What about the Mayor’s Carbon Footprint?

As Bristol’s Green Capital Year approaches the Mayor is to be challenged about his carbon footprint.

Help Asylum Seekers who are keen to comply with the Law

Help Asylum Seekers who are keen to comply with the Law – say Labour

Labour councillors are to ask Council to support the idea that that Bristol’s asylum seekers should have a central location for compulsory signing.

Asylum seekers are required by the Home Office to sign in regularly while they apply to government to be treated as refugees unable to return to their home country for fear of reprisals.

Mayor must make the Arena work for local people too

Mayor must make the Arena work for local people too.

Labour councillors will be demanding a number of improvements to the plans for the city’s new Arena to make sure the project brings benefits to as many people in Bristol as possible – including the neighbouring communities in Lawrence Hill and Windmill Hill wards.

In a statement to Cabinet this evening, Labour will ask that urgent action is taken to develop a transport plan for the arena, after councillors were recently told that no work has been done on this to date.


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