What happened to The LabourBristol website?

I think the more important question is, what happened to the Labour party?

Quite simply the party has been under attack by a movement led by two Elitists from privileged backgrounds, portraying themselves as acting on behalf of the working man. Those people are James Schneider, who grew up in a £7 million mansion thanks to proceeds of huge alleged fraud, and Jon Lansman who also grew up in luxury and attended Cambridge, with links to a tax shelter finance group.

The private company they are using as their vehicle to seize power is Momentum Campaigns Ltd.

They promote themselves as a working class peoples movement, as anti-establishment. But they are anything but. Jon Lansman has been involved in politics for many, many years, and is firmly part of the establishment. They say they want an end to career politicians, but Corbyn is a career politician - he was a councillor then an MP, he's never known any other kind of job.

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The Truth about Momentum

Looking at the privacy policy on their site, they are "Jeremy for Labour Ltd", but that company doesn't exist. They are harvesting peoples personal information, but "Jeremy for Labour Ltd" isn't registered with the ICO. There is no statement about the data controller, so they are breaking the Data Protection Act.

Digging deeper it turns out Jeremy for Labour Ltd doesn't exist any more, instead you have three companies, all with just one director, Jon Lansman. Why three separate companies for the same purpose? That is unclear. It's a "peoples movement", so you'd expect them to be a charity? No. Not for profit? No. A community interest company? No. It's a private company (or three of them) with one dictator director with absolute control. Who are they accountable to? No one. What is their organisation structure? Who knows. Where does all the membership money go? Not a clue. Are they democratic? Certainly not. Afraid? You should be. Because they've proved very good at manipulating their members, and using them to manipulate the Labour party.

Searching the ICO registry for Momentum Campaign Ltd brings up a result. Unlike their website, here you can see that they are harvesting information not just about supporters, but also the electorate - that's you and me. They are collecting information on us, without providing the DPA legal notices on their site, and are engaged in "information sharing" to political organisations, business associates and professional advisers, financial organisations, etc., sometime even transferring your personal information overseas. There have been unconfirmed reports of data breaches. That's Labour membership information has been handed over to Momentum. To this opaque non democratic organisation, that is not complying with data protection laws.

One thing is very clearly, these elitists are feeding those who join the movement a very distorted view of the political world. Casting MPs as evil traitors that should be harassed and threatened to do what Momentum wants. From physically threatening MPs, to a storm of social media attacks. This has even hit us here in Bristol. Just look at this write up by Ruth Davies, then look at the comments. The Momentum machine is quick to attack anyone who speaks out and label them as part of a conspiracy. This is reminiscent of Russia's aggressive online propaganda policy.

The real conspiracy lies with Momentum, and I have grave fears over the future of the Labour party.

The truth about Corbyn

Corbyn presents himself as a man of the working class, but he's anything but. He grew up in a manor, and attended a private school. Despite having high quality private education he left with only two grade E A-levels. Private school students are expected to perform better than state school ones. They are expecting to achieve 3-4 A levels, all A-C. Even the average students will get 3 A-levels grade B-D. Corbyn is very below average, in fact, he would have been at the bottom of the class. He managed to get into university, but dropped out. He became a career politician, first councillor then MP. He's known no other work.

Prime minister is the most important job in the country. Corbyn is ill equipped to lead the party, let alone be prime minister.

Here are a couple of excellent articles on why Corbyn will be the death of labour and why Corbynism is so terrifying.